We love a Parade!

Celebrate Cove and Agriculture on August 15th at 10am.


The parade route runs on Jasper (Hwy 237) from Ash Street, south through Cove, and ends at Church Street next to the Seventh Day Adventist Church. See map below, or download PDF.

We encourage spectators to help us reduce congestion at the end of parade route. We have a full 3/4 of a mile to share from Ash Street to Church Street with lots of parking options on side streets.

Tips for enjoying the experience:

  • Spread out. Jasper has some prime shady spots on warm mornings.
  • Park on side street along Jasper and Main before 9:45am.
  • Bring your own lawn chair.
  • Pack a water bottle to keep hydrated.
  • Keep watch on kiddos and wobbly-walkers. Parades have a lot of distractions and moving pieces — some huge, and some a little crazy.

Cove businesses are thankful for your patronage on parade day.

    Entries & Floats

    We welcome all parade entries that reflect a small-town, family-friendly atmosphere and celebrate agriculture, entrepreneurs, and the rich history of the Grande Ronde Valley.

    Click below to sign up your cars, trucks, bicycles, gizmos, critters, kids, grown-ups…the sky is the limit!

    Cherry Fair is 100% politics-free with no political campaigning of any type.


    cove map with parade route marked

    Please use good judgment in following the CDC guidelines and current Oregon guidelines for face coverings and physical distancing. 

    • Stay home if you are sick, or tested positive and are considered an active case.
    • If you are medically and physically able to wear face covering, please do.
    • Maintain 6 feet distance from people with whom you do not share a household.
    • Be responsible for yourself and your family.
    • Please understand that others may have different medical/physical circumstances than you do.