Politics-Free Celebration


The Cove Cherry Fair is an historic celebration of Cove’s agriculture and the industries that support it. Cove Community Association (CCA) and Cherry Fair Team work very hard to assure the event is kid-friendly, family-friendly, and fun-only event with a festive tone.

Policy: The Cove Community Association’s by-laws prohibit any substantial part of our activities from carrying on propaganda or attempting to influence legislation, or intervene in political campaigns, either on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate. The bylaws echo IRS regulations for sustaining 501(c)3 organizations as non-partisan entities. CCA is an apolitical organization. Political promotion/communication of any kind during the Cherry Fair or fair-day activities does not fit with the theme of our historical event. We do not permit political or partisan vendors and entertainment.

Politics-Free Policy (PDF)


Our Mission: Cove Community Association’s mission is to assist in the development of public programs and services that enrich the greater Cove community.

Who We Serve: We support the greater Cove community and the people who live here. As a non-profit community group, we rely on donors and sponsors to carry out our mission. We listen to our supporters and to those we support, and they have made it clear they appreciate a politics-free Cherry Fair.

Cherry Fair History: In the early 1900s, the community held an annual celebration of the local agricultural industry and high-quality produce grown in our area. After 1918, the annual celebration ceased as the community shifted support to war efforts. In 2000, the Cove Community Association re-established the festival, reviving the annual celebration of our key agricultural entrepreneurs, farmers, ranchers, and businesses that support them.

Cherry Fair Purpose: Originally established as an Art Festival, with refereed entries, the Cherry Fair has evolved to include an all-day community fair with a wide array of entrepreneurs from around the region. Today, the Cherry Fair serves as day of family-oriented carefree fun, entertainment, and games, coupled with fundraisers to support community project facilitate by CCA and other community groups/clubs that call Cove home.

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